Suma AgroValor is an agricultural asset manager in Uruguay. Our base is in Uruguay and we believe physical presence is crucial in farming operations. You need to be there when harvesting is done or cattle is sold. Absentee landowners require full-time dedication in order to build profitable farming business.

The team

Antonio Carlevaro

is an Agricultural Engineer with 15 years of experience in farming. He had different roles in livestock farming in Uruguay and he is co-owner of Los Cimarrones Srl that operates a large dairy farm in Florida. He completed a MBA at the Universidad Católica in Montevideo.

Wilfred Morren

is a Lawyer with over 20 years of experience in different sectors, but always with a focus on agri-business. He holds a Master’s degree from London School of Economics. He founded Farmland Uruguay SAS which advices international investors on farmland and agri-business opportunities in Uruguay.

Otro Socio

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