Hands-On Management,
Supervision, Agronomy and Finance.

We add value by using good agricultural practices and bringing the perspective of sustainability into the operational management of farms. We optimize the interaction of climate, soils and agricultural expertise.

At Suma AgroValor, we are dedicated to Agricultural Asset Management. We are a Farm Management Company and see ourselves as land stewards looking after the conservation of your property┬┤s natural resources over a long period of time. Farm management is not only about the organization of agricultural production, but also about soil conservation, dealing with staff and financial management.

No worries for landowners, we take care of your farm.

Achieve unforeseen revenues with affordable pricing.

Suma AgroValor provides management, farm managers and staff or equipment to operate the farm according to an agreed plan. We offer fixed fee operations or payment on a profit share basis.

Full Lease

with supervision of payments and maintenance.

Partial Lease

with cattle operation and supervision of payments and maintenance.


with contract farming or
profit share.

The absentee landowner will receive financial and technical monitoring reports. Visits to a farm without prior notice, coordination with an accountant for annual tax declaration and consultation of lawyer are all tasks within our minimum service agreement. Supplementary services include for example reporting on soil quality and certification of farming practices. Monthly fees depend mainly on location of the farm and type of agricultural activity.

How to reach us

Ask us for a Free Price Quotation for your new farm or Get a Second Opinion on your existing farm management arrangement.

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